Troy Spence
Interim Chair


Bradley Co EMA

Tier II Reporting

Bradley County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)

The Bradley County Local Emergency Planning Committee is a voluntary effort comprised of local emergency response agencies and private industries across Bradley County, focused upon better preparing our community's workplaces and their employees to meet and overcome potential emergencies.  We meet on a quarterly basis.

All industries and workplaces housing or manufacturing sufficient quantities of hazardous materials that are required to do Tier II reporting are REQUIRED to submit those reports online.  In the past, paper copies have been preferred, and have had to be mailed separately to the LEPC, the State of Tennessee, local EMA, and local Fire Departments.  That is no longer the case.  A single report filled out through an easy-to-use website fulfills your only Tier II reporting requirement.  If you are a Tier II-reporting industry, you can fill out this report by going to the following website: .  Online training documents and contact information for the State of Tennessee's Tier II Coordinator are available through the E-Plan website.  Additionally, if you have any difficulty in accessing or filling out your Tier II information, we here at the Bradley County EMA are available to assist you however possible at 423-728-7289.

LEPC Meets At Whirpool - Benton Pike Facility

The LEPC Commitee met at the new Whirlpool Facility and enjoyed a plant tour during their September 2012 meeting.  Thanks to Tim Edwards and staff for a very informative and enjoyable event.

Jerry Johnson tests Three Wheeler       Tim Edwards speaks with Reporter